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The Benefits of Large Language Models for Trade Promotion Management

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are producing a lot of bespoke, meaningful data in planning sales and promotional activity. Unfortunately, after all this time producing data, CPG companies rarely leverage their data to gain better insights into their products and business. 

This has a lot to do with how complicated it can be to centralize structured and unstructured data and organize it so a reporting tool can present it. Through all these steps, you haven’t gleaned even a single insight. This kind of heavy lifting usually sits at the bottom of a long to-do list for a CPG team. More often than not, they wait until they grow big enough to hire an IT squad to tackle this.

Our Product team thinks this is crazy. Why hasn’t technology for CPG companies already created a better way for sales, marketing, and accounting teams to capture, understand, and communicate the results of all the data they collect? And why, in the age of Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPTs) and Artificial intelligence, is there no better way to use software – i.e., delivering on the promise of technology to automate business processes, thereby reducing steps? 

This is exactly what we have set out to solve at Adesso. We’re the oldest company with the longest-standing development team in Trade Promotions Management (TPM) software. Adesso’s first TPM database was developed in 1997 and commercialized in 1999! We haven’t stopped innovating at Adesso. In November 2023, we deployed a brand new Adesso User Interface and User Experience (UIUX) driven by a declarative TPM GPT. 

With Adesso, users can dream up promotions using our Trade Assistant GPT, sift through their database with natural language, and even email or upload MCB or Deduction Details directly into the system! Our Machine Learning (ML) agent then turns these documents into line items, and matches them to General Ledger (GL) and reason codes. All this happened in 2023, and we’ve got even bigger plans for 2024! 

At the forefront of ongoing developments in AI and ML, Adesso is developing the most bad@ss TPM software in the world. Book a demo today and let us show you why.