We Understand Trade Spend.

Adesso AI is purpose-built for your CPG business. Adesso is the only TPM platform powered by OpenAI, deploying the most accurate real-time data and supported by the most experienced team.

We don’t just integrate your business and walk away, we are here to set you up for long-term success. We will train you on the basics of trade business processes and how to use Adesso to generate immediate impact and control for your business. We then expand your training and capabilities to move from trade promotion management (TPM) to trade promotion optimization (TPO).

Trade Spend

& Forecasting

& Analytics

Easy Deduction


Intelligent deductions.

Cut your deductions processing time from 10 weeks to 10 minutes for a 10th of the cost using artificial intelligence.

Intelligent document scanning allows for easy uploading of complex documents and immediate matching of deductions to spend.

Trade Promotion Management

Trade Promotion Management (TPM) Analysis & Reporting

Create configurable reports from any data source, then combine and consolidate them with your analytics.

Customize your trade reporting to the format that works for you. TPM Analytics provides more detailed reporting with customizable data.

Evaluate your trade spending decisions and performance to include consumption data. Indirect retailers are addressed with integrated warehouse withdrawals enabling the same granular analysis as a direct retailer.

Smart Dashboards

Drill down to find gems of insight from your data. This breakthrough analytics tool provides consolidated views of KPI’s via graphic charts with drill down capability. Easy to read dynamic tables monitor key metrics via product, customer and sales organization hierarchies. A growing selection of dynamic reports will help drive your business through drag‘n drop grouping for raw transactional data, save customized layouts for future use, and easily export to Excel.