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The BEST TPM Solution for YOU – A checklist for TPM choosing your next TPM partner

Much like brokerage & fractional support services, there is a wide range of available CPG TPM services to choose from.
Perhaps you’re at the start of your search with just a handful of things you wish to be able to better resolve in your GL – Welcome! Your research skills are honed & we’re pretty confident you needn’t look any further than Adesso!
Or perhaps you’ve been conducting interviews & have been reviewing demos for the last few months, and it’s all starting to ‘mush together’.
Or possibly merger activity is disrupting your current user experience & you’re looking to change only IF it can be done easily & without disrupting your team processes.

Below is our shortlist we recommend you order for your team’s importance & consider as you chip away through your options & determine which demo & team of experts resonated the most with your needs:

  • Is the user interface & experience of a CPG vendor buttoned up & clear?
  • Is the product malleable enough to represent all the channels your brand operates in. (NSO, Conventional E-Comm, C-Store, DSD, Foodservice, etc.)
  • What does set up timing look like, realistically?
  • Look for them to be Trade Experts who know more about trade spending and management than you do because of their own experience on both the CPG manufacturer’s side and in working with many CPG’s on their TPM product.
  • Do they hold hands with all departments for training, or can you intuitively have your teams ‘jump in’?
  • Have they offered you any client references?
  • What do their roll ups reflect? Do you then anticipate needing any customization that could complicate product set up & use?
  • Do you like them? Do you trust them? Do you feel you can collaborate & learn with them?

Adesso hopes sharing this quick list will make choosing your TPM partner easier, & we’re confident a demo and chat will have you feeling excited & ready to start with a new TPM Solution provider!