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TPM Best Practices – It goes beyond the software…

Small & medium-sized (SMB) consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies often believe that implementing TPM/TPO (Trade Promotion Management/Optimization) software is going to be the magical solution to all their problems. They send out RFPs & call in TPM solution providers for demos of their software, but maximizing trade promotion effectiveness requires more than just adding software & unfortunately there isn’t any magic. It is about the approach, partnership with the provider, and the ability to tap into a growing AI data community of other like-SMB CPGs for perspective, intelligent metrics & benchmarking.

Instead of just focusing on software, SMB CPGs should consider a truly holistic approach internally that includes best practices for:

  • Trade marketing end-to-end processes
  • Administration & procedures
  • Treating the TPM as a team investment
  • Frequency of reviewing diagnostics and compliance
  • Report review analysis & advice on short & long term metrics
  • Outsourcing deductions analysis & processing disputes

It is important to remember that TPM software is just one piece of the puzzle. It really takes clear SOPs & everyone being clear & on board well beyond the software to maximize their trade promotion effectiveness. Contact today for a comprehensive TPM solution with easy-to-follow, expert best practices & advice.