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McKinsey & Nielsen are inarguable experts in data & CPG insights, and pre-covid, they had conducted a series of thoughtful surveys in CPG & found that while the majority of the companies in this survey are larger companies with well-resourced teams, time and applications than the typical SMB (Small to Mid-sized Business) CPG manufacturer, 70% of those CPG manufacturers surveyed had indicated the number one area they wanted to improve was their trade promotion effectiveness.

Big or small, studies indicate that:

  • 2/3 of CPG executives are concerned about the cost and efficiency of trade spending
  • 50% or more of the trade promotions do not meet objectives
  • 18% of CPG manufacturers admit they have no mechanism to measure effectiveness
  • Over 40% of the trade promotion events are not ranked or analyzed
  • There are big capability gaps in critical areas of TPM products such as promotion planning, reporting and analysis, and account profitability

So the key takeaways for any enterprise of any size looking to stay healthy.

  1. You need a superior TPM Product. The complexity of managing trade spending is just too hard to do with Excel. Current solutions have progressed significantly and existing (SaaS) cloud technologies are often simple subscription-based models designed around the needs of other CPG manufacturers like you. The implementation & integration into your ERP solution is templatized & seamless – It’s simply a better, quicker, less expensive, and less binding process.
  2. Go beyond just “managing” trade spending– to maximizing trade promotion effectiveness. Make sure you’re confident in the UI/UX of the TPM product, its capabilities to integrate syndicated & SPINS data, and make sure you feel like you could clearly do a thorough analysis of your trade spending by key retailers and key promoted groups, yourself. Easily identify waste & sub-optimal promotional event performance within your retailer relationships. Make sure the metrics are supported in a way that they easily identify ways you can significantly improve your ROI.