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7 Ways We Help Our Clients Relax

  • An Affordable Solution For Any Company Size – Adesso’s Flamingo TPM System and supporting services are priced based on your company size, not by user license. It is specifically suitable for the natural-specialty industry, and grows with you as your business grows.
  • Replace the Spreadsheets With a Complete Solution for Trade – Bring all things trade into one easy-to-use system, including promotion planning, attaching contracts and other backup, reconciliation, reporting and analysis. Complete visibility for you and your team into what you’re spending, while reducing error prone re-keying of information.
  • Easy to Use – Your internal and broker teams will love how intuitive & easy Adesso is to use, as well as the control they’ll have over training, self-guided experience modules, ongoing learning opportunities through webinars & our rich Knowledge Base resource library. “Our brokers enter deals, clear our deductions, do our repays, the check requests – – they do it all and we have no deductions over 90 days. My brokers tell me that Adesso is the most user-friendly system they have in their office. We have brokers recommend Adesso to other clients that they have.” – Karen Prophet, Promotions & Trade Spend Manager, The Idahoan
  • Quick & Easy Setup Process – You can be up and running quickly, planning in the system in as little as 4-8 weeks. Limited or no IT expertise needed – we provide you with a structured outline & best practices, so you see benefits right away! “We initially thought this would take longer, but I can tell you with confidence, it’s much easier to set up than thought. I never thought we’d be live in less than 3 months. The benefits truly outweigh the concerns, and I would recommend to any company to proceed forward with great aggressiveness.” – Jack Connelly, Director of Retail Sales, Jiffy Mix
  • Your Business PartnerNot just a SaaS Team. We are a collaborative client-partner solution with one of the longest standing development teams in the industry. Regular upgrades are guided by client input & best business practices, and we want to be the best decision you feel you’ve made for your business by a mile.
  • Improve Efficiency & Accuracy With an Annual Planner –  It’s a lot of data points to manage, but we’re confident the efficiency of modeling outside of excel & in Adesso will only improve your planning, YOY.  “The Annual Planner dramatically improves efficiency, saves time, and reduces errors for trade planning. Our field sales team analyzes current and past promotions, develops various plan scenarios, and then creates promotional plans for the year. From there, we simply finalize to bring the plans for all customers into Flamingo. This process also makes reconciliation much more effective and efficient because all trade plans are in one system with the retailer contracts. It’s extremely easy to match against deductions.” – Diana Lester, Accounting Specialist, Jolly Time Wouldn’t you love to have a planner that enables you to:
    • evaluate & copy past promotions
    • provide key metrics for scenario planning
    • create the entire plan + volume
    • then simply finalize into a system that is connected with your financial system
    • re-enter all of this into duplicative work into the partner portals
    • manage deduction reconciliation
    • as well as post-event reporting & analysis
  • Focus on Business Growth – With Adesso’s All-in-One System, you have full visibility into what you’re spending at every customer at any given time, leading to better analysis of which promotions work best for your business. Adesso offers best in class insights for trade planning, accelerating a vendor’s toolbox for strategic business growth.