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Trade Spend to Trade-Wellness!

We all can relate that it can be overwhelming when we challenge ourselves to get healthier & start on that wellness program. It’s necessary, yet, we might put it off till next Monday, till after the holidays, or till after we have tackled some house project that we’ve been meaning to do. We often start out debating between spending money to join a club or program, or whether we can just do it at home on our own and save a few bucks. We could even hire a personal trainer or health coach if we really want to get maximum results with feedback from an expert.

But once we’ve made the decision to do something, you may begin with a few key objectives, fill out some of the details that we know we need to change to achieve those objectives, commit to following that plan – sticking to it every day, and stay consistent to realize the desired outcome.

Like our own bodies, we have to commit to keep that trade spend in good health. And when a CPG manufacturer realizes managing trade spending & deductions are something they need to address hand-in-hand for their business to grow, in Adesso’s humble 20+ year opinion, a TPM tool is just the program to turn to! There may be research involved, some ‘we’ve been using excel so why change?’ feet-dragging & reluctance to take the steps to onboard, but it’s for the best – we promise!

Some starting business health objectives to keep front-of-mind

  • To have a complete insight to all trade spending activity at any given point in time, by customer, by promoted group, by item.
  • To gain accountability within sales team collaborators, for clarity on what promotions have been agreed to & can verify deals run as planned.
  • To reduce the administrative time & challenge of matching backup insights, clearing deductions & submitting disputes.
  • To be able to identify disputable & unauthorized deductions quickly.
  • To strategically improve the effectiveness of your trade spending with clear analytical reporting on ROI & easily eliminating ineffective promotions so you are only spending trade where it is helping to grow your business.

Add to this list any of your regional and National objectives & then begin the work to evaluate for the most effective solution for your team.

NOW – Do you stick with the Excel workbook model for your promotional plans, or is there sufficient ROI in investing in partnering with an expert who has a solution that is specifically suited to achieve your objectives? Can you sustainably keep this growth DIY, or is it time to pick some target areas & get granular for your larger partners?

Some Starting Recommendations

  • Partner with a provider who has deep CPG industry experience.
    • Tenure in the Industry – A partner who has lived it and understands what you need.
    • Tenure in the Organization – An experienced team that has added years of knowledge and improvements into the solution.
    • Client Tenure – Both new clients & clients who have been there for years.
    • Client Referenceability – Ask for case studies, references and recommendations!
  • Partner with a provider that is designed around the services you need, now & later.
    • Investigate solutions tailored to scale, considering your budget, company size, initial & long-term objectives.
    • Offers the onboarding experience your team desires.
    • Make sure they have all of the appropriate CPG connectors and insights to work with the data you already have.
  • Everything in one system, so you can address all objectives for all teams within one solution.
    • Make sure you find a system that can address Trade Plans, User & User Security Management, Deductions, Check Requests, Analysis, Reporting, Contracts & Documentation.
  • Ask how they ensure project success.
    • What does timing around the average onboarding look like & will you require customization?
    • How do they handle training & change management?
    • Is the tool easy for all teams to use?
    • Do they offer Outsourced System Administration services?
    • Do they implement client-focused updates & new releases to software and feedback support?
    • Have they composed a community of like-clients that represent a similar growth story to yours?

Partnering with an Expert Should Make It Less Overwhelming

Like a wellness program, managing trade spend takes effort; however, with a ‘brand health coach’ partner like Adesso – we have a simple, phased approach that guides you through a structured process. And if you dedicate the time & effort, you’ll see incredible results.

Just like how you feel better after starting your wellness program, implementing a trade management solution can deliver early results, like gaining full visibility into your trade spending & immediately saving money in repays. And longer term consistency is where you will really begin to realize the benefits. – knowing trade is in good shape!

When Is A Good Time To Get Started?

Just as people adopt a wellness program as part of a New Year’s resolution, there is actually a perfect time to get started with a trade solution, and that time is NOW! Contact Adesso so you can be set up & ready for the next fiscal year planning! Let Us Help You Take the First Steps Toward Getting Your Trade in Shape!